Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic lashes that are applied to your own natural lashes. Each synthetic strand is tapered at the tip with a thick base and curled to replicate a natural lash. One lash extension is attached to one natural lash at a time for a total 60 to 100 lash extensions per eye. It usually takes about one to one and a half hours to apply eyelash extensions. Clients easily fall a sleep and then awaken with beautiful thick lashes.

Touch-up (refill) are necessary every two to three weeks, in order to replenish the fallen hair and maintain the look. Just like your scalp hair, natural eyelashes grow and shed in a cycle, about 60 days (eight weeks). When a natural eyelash matures and falls out, a new eyelash has already been growing and quickly replaces the one lost. People she between one to five natural lashes each day, depending on their individual growth cycles.

We have three different lashes: False Strip Lashes, False Lashes Clusters and Individual Lashes.


Strip lashes are great for people who have very sparse or short natural lashes. These are also an essential for those who have no natural lashes. Strip lashes are made up of numerous eyelashes attached together in one pre-made strip. They are placed with temporary glue on the skin above the upper lash line.


Cluster lashes are a group of 5-8 blunt-end lashes knotted together. They can be applied either directly to the skin (between natural lashes) or on top of a grouping of natural lashes. They are more natural in appearance than strips.


To add fullness to your own natural lashes or to fill gaps (bare spots) along the lash line, we recommend individual lashes. Individual are synthetic lashes that are stacked one on top of the other and attached at the base. They can be attached to either the skin, if they are knotted, or the natural lashes.